TPH’s leading range of accountancy software products have been designed to meet the specific needs of the film & TV industry’s accounting departments. We understand that you are running to strict deadlines and need to stay within budget whenever possible which is why we’ve developed tools that help you automate your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly tasks and reporting duties.

Eclipse - Production Accounting Software

Eclipse is so much more than just another production accounting system and our unique product has been continually evolving since we first created it back in 1994. We studied every area of production accounting to create Eclipse and we are continually improving it to make your daily duties quicker easier and more accurate than ever before. Learn more

iEclipse - Online Accounting Tool

iEclipse takes the powerful features of Eclipse and throws full Internet access into the mix. We took a good look at the other products on the market and knew we could create something that delivered much, much more. Put simply, we're taking online accountancy tools to the next level and setting the benchmark for the next generation. Learn more

EzyPO - Paperless PO Software

Today’s modern offices are virtually paper-free. It’s cheaper, greener, quicker and easier to deal with your old mundane manual tasks online. And thanks to EzyPO that includes purchase orders. Simply log into EzyPO via the web and create your purchase order. You can then set an appropriate chain of approval whereby the relevant person or people can approve the PO from their smartphone, wherever in the world they might be. Learn more