General Ledger

Find out more about Eclipse’s General Ledger feature and see how its flexible interface can save your production time and money.

Adapt Eclipse’s user-friendly and versatile Chart of Accounts to your unique requirements. Set up currency, location, episodes, details, production codes and sets as well as reporting levels.

Stop wasting time by typing journals twice. Type into our Excel template and copy and paste into the journal entry screen before running the distribution report to verify your entry is correct.

Our worksheet lets you easily review costs and accruals against the budget. It's simple to read and modify without the need to run endless reports. Scroll down to view transactions that make the account balance, including journals, AP, PC and POs. Use the reconcile function to remove voided or reversed transactions from the view. Sort, arrange and export transactions for speedy analysis. Other benefits include multiple distribution changes with a full audit trail to the original entry, visible period totals for monitoring spend over time, and notes to track changes per account.

Flexible predefined reports can be quickly filtered, have a range of criteria and include cost, trial balance and balance sheet. Your own reports can be saved and all reports and options are conveniently located on one screen. Run reports in their native currency, or consolidate into another; Eclipse is genuinely multi-currency, multi-location. And you can include un-posted data too - great before posting a journal.

A fully flexible report engine which allows a sophisticated level of inquiry on the data fields within the General Ledger. Create and save your own reports, search the description field using any keyword. Include ranges of un-consecutive accounts, any combination of source codes including POs as well as un-posted data, from any module.

Create a template in Excel and quickly and easily create a new cash flow or update an existing one. When finished, simply import the data from Excel into Eclipse.

Most accounting systems have basic asset tracking built in but the reality is that they aren't very flexible and can’t hold very detailed data. Eclipse has fields for all the information you could ever need as well as the facility to track your assets in the ledger with .jpg or .pdf images.

If Eclipse’s General Ledger capabilities sound like they’re just what your production accounting team needs, please get in touch with TPH today.

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