Petty Cash

Petty cash is essential to keep production running smoothly and it’s crucial you have a float available for emergencies and unforeseen small purchases, yet you still need a reliable tracking system to make sure you know how much is being spent - and on what. That’s where Eclipse’s Petty Cash function comes in.

Create new vendors during input including the set-up of a float account. Assign a tax code for automation of VAT/GST distribution. Attach .pdf copies of signed paperwork and receipts.

Employees can type their petty cash claims straight into the Excel template and email it to you. You code it and mark the VAT/GST, then simply copy and paste the data straight into Eclipse ready for posting.

Browse all your petty cash entries, sorting by name, envelope, date and amount to allow for easy reconciliation of float accounts and petty cash expenditure.

If Eclipse’s Petty Cash mode would help you take control of ALL your expenditures
- not just the large ones - please talk to TPH today.

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