Purchase Orders

Purchase ordering is a huge part of any accountant's role so why not make this task as simple and as streamlined as possible and save both time and money? See how Eclipse’s PO Entry & Maintenance function can do just that.

  • Save the need to set up master files in advance by creating new vendors during PO input
  • Attach .pdf scans of the Originating Purchase Order, as well as quotes and delivery notes
  • Enter PO data in three ways:
    • Input an amount by line
    • Input a quantity and its individual rate - ideal for equipment rentals so you can see how many weeks remain rather than one large sum
    • Input a date range and the value per day/week - ideal for hotel stays where billing may be irregular.
  • Amend the details of any PO by adding, subtracting or zeroing
  • Run a full range of reports with adjustable criteria to support any analysis you need
  • Record all amendments in the Changes Log:
    • View a complete history of transactions
    • Track the invoices that relieved the PO
    • See which user relieved or amended the PO

If Eclipse’s Purchase Ordering functionalities sound like a breath of fresh air in production accounting, please talk to TPH today.

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