Today’s modern offices are virtually paper-free. It’s cheaper, greener, quicker and easier to deal with your old mundane manual tasks online. And thanks to EzyPO that includes purchase orders. Simply log into EzyPO via the web and create your purchase order. You can then set an appropriate chain of approval whereby the relevant people or persons can approve the PO from their smartphone, wherever in the world they might be.

Benefits of EzyPO Paperless Purchase Order Software

  • Gives you complete control over spending - you know what you have committed or are about to commit to - 24/7
  • Works flawlessly with Excel allowing you to easily import your spreadsheet into EzyPO
  • Got a supplier who provides quotes in XML? Not a problem - we’ve developed our own specification
  • Say goodbye to requests for PO numbers before the order is approved: no PO - no payment!
  • No more nasty shocks - now POs are approved by the right person and in real time
  • More accurate cost reports thanks to POs being keyed in at a departmental level with codes and items flagged as assets etc. These codes\flags can be entered/amended during the approval process
  • Increase security - no more PO books to lose or orders that can be misappropriated
  • Save time and money: no more printing of PO books, no more entering of POs, and you can kiss goodbye to PO matching, copying and logging too
  • Go green! EzyPO presents a real contribution towards achieving a paperless office

If you want to lower your carbon footprint, save money, reduce the amount of account staff you need to employ, improve security, eliminate improper use of funds and consolidate your purchase order process, it’s time to talk to TPH: the paperless PO software people.

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