The EzyPO Process

EzyPO from TPH is revolutionising the way accounting departments in the film & TV industry work. And the bigger your production, the harder EzyPO will work for you to unify your workload and make sure you stay within that all-important budget.

Plus if your film or series spans one or more different locations - be it in the same state or on a different continent - doesn’t it make more sense to simplify things by having all your purchasing data in one centralised database? Not only that but you’ll be far better able to keep track of who is accountable for expenditures by having proper authorization for purchasing.

This is the digital age and EzyPO is the future for production purchasing.

  • Create an appropriate approval chain. This means your art director isn’t approving POs for the costume department for example. Base this on amount ranges and/or free field flagging.
  • If someone is set to approve POs of $10,000+ the orders below this will skip them. To create an order simply type or import your quote into EzyPO. No more filling out traditional carbon paper forms! Supplier details are auto-filled if you’ve used them before. Attach any supporting .pdf, .jpg, Word docs or Excel files.
  • Users are notified by email when they have orders to approve. Orders are approved sequentially, so if you are a UPM you do not see an order until your department head and anyone below you in the chain has approved it.
  • Once fully approved an order number is allocated and a copy of the order can be faxed and/or emailed to the supplier automatically. The cost report is also automatically updated if used in combination with Eclipse, TPH’s state of the art accounting software.
  • If an order changes, simply modify it and send for re-approval. Approvers can see the original order and compare changes before approving the revised version. Only the originator and those in the approval chain process can see the order.
  • EzyPO orders are approved faster. Urgent orders can be tracked online to find out who the current approver is so you can give them a gentle nudge. It won’t take long before you find it much quicker to type an order than write one plus it’s super easy to go back and find old orders as you can search by PO number, supplier name etc.
  • Email alerts a week before the end of a hire and again on the last day urge users to check if the hire is complete and if not, to extend. This alone is a good enough reason for using EzyPO as this is often one of the biggest causes of cost blow outs.
  • It’s easy to extend or change orders. No rewriting of messy, multiple change order forms: just amend the original order online and if it’s increased above a set percentage or amount it will be sent for reapproval.
  • Approve online or via email using any connected device including Blackberry, PDA, iPhone, smartphone etc.
  • Approval chain is set per user so different departments can have different people approving orders. ‘Skip approver’ if the amount is greater or less than a set amount. Approval can also be triggered based on the supplier and/or free field flagging - such as for insurance claims, assets, damages etc. Nominate more than one person at each step of the approval chain if you need more flexibility.
  • How is EzyPO licensed? EzyPO is licensed on a per show per year basis. Only the number of licensed users can connect concurrently.
  • Is EzyPO difficult to get used to? Although users will need to learn how to create or approve an order, the system is very user-friendly. Plus TPH offers a manual and online videos to assist your transition.
  • Do I need an Internet connection? EzyPO is an Internet based system so if you don’t have a connection you won’t be able to create or approve orders. You can easily switch to Excel though so you can process orders as soon as you have Internet.
  • What about crew that are in transit or on set who need to process an order? We understand that while some people are indeed on the road or on set, there still needs to be a proper approval system. That’s why we create "blanket" orders for departments who need to purchase miscellaneous items with a fixed weekly maximum. You could also choose to use both paper order books and electronic PO's. You just need to make sure your numbers don't overlap.

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