iEclipse (Under Development)

iEclipse takes the powerful features of Eclipse and throws full Internet access into the mix. We took a good look at the other products on the market and knew we could create something that delivered much, much more. Put simply, we're taking online accountancy tools to the next level and setting the benchmark for the next generation.

Benefits of iEclipse Online Accounting Tool

  • Access iEclipse anytime, anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection
  • Get a rapid, direct connection with no need for third party client/server products
  • Enjoy everything Eclipse offers: functionality, Excel connectivity, and reliability - plus Internet access
  • iEclipse offers multi-location, multi-currency, and multi-episode capabilities
  • Harness the high speed and stability of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Create dynamic budget worksheets with easy scroll down to the underlying cost report content
  • Report spooling so you can keep working while the report runs in the background and archive generated reports
  • Using barcode technology, upload and attach bulk scanned documentation rather than one document at a time
  • Maintains a full interface with EzyPO

Whether you’re a current Eclipse user and you want to streamline your processes even further or this is your first visit to the TPH website, can you imagine how much easier life will be when you switch to iEclipse? Find out more, talk to us today.

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