Eclipse has functions that other production accounting software doesn’t provide: GST/VAT splitting/balancing for those territories, Excel exports/imports for rebate tagging, Excel import for petty cash/purchase card entry, rebate tracking reports, immediate updates with EzyPO when POs are approved. The TPH Payroll Service is an efficient, cost effective service for all kinds of payroll needs. Times are reported on payslips, payslips are emailed to crew & agents, month end reconciled, forex transactions converted and remitted to tax departments, fringes coded to multiple cost centres, the list goes on. If you have a specific need for your show, TPH can provide. Where else can you get service like that?

The best thing about EzyPO is how it has changed PO accuracy in your costs. The operators like how the sums are worked out for them via the rental/inventory calculators and they can prepare and send 10x POs in the time it would take them to hand write 1x. The approvers like how they can sign electronically via their computer or phone depending on where they spend most of their time. The studios like how they can set approval limits and approve via their computer or phone which means the PO is approved sooner. The accountants like how the costs are updated as soon as the PO is approved and they can code and tag for rebates at the time of approval. It is the most efficient, accurate PO system available. Actually I think it is the only electronic PO system available! I have never had anyone wanting to go back to writing POs and emailing them for approvals.

Gina Hallas
Production Accountant/Financial Controller